What are the best Augmented reality resources?

April 2, 2021

Learning about augmented reality is often associated with going to school or university to study computer vision or coding. However if you’re just looking to get started in be industry and would like to dip your toe in the technology, it’s not all about coding. It’s about inspiration and building industry knowledge.

In this blog we’ll take at some of the most valuable resources available online for building AR industry knowledge and getting inspired.

1. Web AR Agency Blog - Aircards

Industry-leading web AR company Aircards has an extremely active blog section. The guys over there regularly provide insights into the latest client work which is among some of the most creative and impressive Web AR experiences that you will come across.

They have produced experiences such as a full 3-D safari portal across nationwide Tesco stores in the United Kingdom as well as a very creative campaign for BON V!V which allowed the public within Los Angeles and San Diego to scan large outdoor advertisements which activated a fully functional 3-D virtual vending machine that they could interact with and dispense their favorite flavor drink!

2.– augmented reality news, insights and projects

Popular augmented reality news site is continually on the pulse when it comes to the latest augmented reality experiences and industry news. They provide well written and informative articles that cover the majority of the augmented reality industry worldwide.

Most impressively the coverage of web-based augmented reality is second to none. This is a nice element that they focus on, as in our opinion, web-based augmented reality provides some of the most exciting developments in augmented reality today.

3. Consumer Electronics Show

Every year the consumer electronics show showcase the newest and most exciting Aaa tech that is to be released in the upcoming months and years. This includes everything from wearables to the latest software.

augmented reality resources

This is one of our favorite technology shows, and one of the few that has such mess mess major focus on augmented reality. Last year did indeed feature elements of web based augmented reality, with the Web AR agency Aircards showcasing their app-less AR experiences over at Eureka Park in the British Pavilion.

It can often be quite pricey to be involved at CES, however we think it is definitely worth the investment.

Time to start learning

These are just three resources to get you started, but within these resources contains a wealth of experience, knowledge and industry insights that will get you well on your way to becoming an augmented reality expert.

It’s often overlooked, but just consuming industry news is a great way of seeing what’s popular, what’s coming up and gives you the creative flow to start thinking how can you innovate in this fast changing landscape.

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April 2, 2021