GND Working With Clarity Informatics, Innovative North East Healthcare Company

March 4, 2019

Great North Digital working with Clarity Informatics

Great North Digital are delighted to announce a new client relationship for 2019 with Clarity Informatics, who provide a range of online services for doctors across the UK from its headquarters in Wallsend. TheClarity appraisal system is used by 85% of the country’s GPs.

Great North Digital helping to deliver continued success for Clarity Informatics through a multichannel approach to digital marketing. The results have been impressive so far, driving a high volume of targeted traffic to the Clarity website at a low cost.

Clarity Informatics create innovative IT solutions for the healthcare industry that are cost effective, improve patient safety and save clinical time.

Great North Digital have selectively grown the number of brands they work with, with a key focus on those in the technology and engineering & manufacturing sectors. Clarity Informatics represented exactly the type of energy and ambition they are seeking in clients. MichaelWatson, Head of Digital Advertising at Great North Digital said,

“We’re absolutely thrilled to bring Clarity Informatics into our client mix for 2019. Clarity is an exciting, innovative company based in the North East like ourselves, and we’re excited to support their ambitious plans for growth through our intelligent multi-channel digital marketing approach.”
Left to right / Talieh Bonner and Lisa Wright from Clarity Informatics, Mike Watson and Gordon Dodd from GND in a marketing strategy session

Based in Newcastle-upon-tyne, Great North Digital is focused on delivering outstanding digital results through the mantra of SOS – Social Media, Online Marketing & SEO.

“We’ve had a successful end to 2018 and we’re delighted to continue that in 2019 with innovative new clients like Clarity. Our simple intervention of ‘SOS’, coupled alongside our commitment to understanding our clients brand identity, is proving to be highly successful.”

To better understand our clients, Great North Digital have developed a unique algorithm that maps out business personality, character and tone-of-voice. This is a unique set of tools that offers business insights difficult to find elsewhere.

March 4, 2019