Are You Looking For Augmented Reality Marketing?

October 31, 2019

Augmented Reality marketing is set to boom in 2020, in fact according to Gartner, by 2021 at least one-third of businesses will have deployed Augmented Reality (AR) marketing experiences.

Furthermore, the AR industry is expecting to see revenue growth of $120 billion by 2020 as technological infrastructure begins to expand globally.

Augmented Reality Marketing Gartner Report

If you're already thinking about AR marketing within your upcoming marketing plan then you're ahead of the curve. Historically, brands that are the early-movers on innovative technology always make the biggest impact. Around 62 percent of consumer think that augmented reality in marketing will add value to their online and in-store shopping experiences. So if you're looking to gain a marketing edge on your competitors, or you'd like to improve your customer experience in-store or online head over to Aircards augmented reality marketing to find out more and to chat to their expert team.

Aircards provide an end-to-end, managed cloud service for the creation, deployment, and real-time analysis of app-less Augmented Reality marketing campaigns. We enable brands and organisations to upgrade static print assets with augmented reality, at 5% of the conventional cost with a 10x faster timeline.

October 31, 2019