GND Launches Augmented Reality Business Cards

July 31, 2019

GND Launches Augmented Reality Business Cards

Digital marketing agency GND has launched Aircards, an exciting new technology product that will bring something a little different to the world of business cards. Aircards are personalised Augmented Reality (AR) business cards, which work by viewing the card through any standard smartphone camera. 

GND have developed the AR technology in-house to launch this product, which enables the business card to display an animation with video, photo and live links to webpages. Where previously a 3rd party app was required to actually view an AR experience, the technology developed by GND means that it can be viewed by anyone with a smartphone camera.

Matt Watson, Creative Director at GND and co-founder of Aircards, said 

"After months of development, we truly believe that this is an end product that professionals will love. We've broken new ground and we're excited to see how this changes the dusty business card world."

Unlike Virtual Reality technology which creates a totally artificial environment, AR technology alters the physical environment around the viewer by overlaying new visual information on top of it. 

Launches Augmented Reality Business Cards
Aircards, Augmented Reality Business Cards

The AR business cards are now available for purchase! You can now utilize Augmented Reality technology to make your business cards stand out from the crowd, including bespoke Call-to-Action buttons and dynamic 2D video.

For pricing information head over to and get your very own Augmented Reality business cards!

July 31, 2019