10 Reasons to Use Digital Marketing in Your Business

February 25, 2019

We love social media.

Of course, at GNDl, we love social media. The power it gives business and brands to super-charge sales growth and brand awareness is on another level. Social media is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, it provides incredible benefits and detailed targeting that help reach your ideal customer, right there on their smartphone or computer. If you aren't already utilising the power of social media for your business, here are 10 reasons why you really should be.

1. Your Customers Are There

There was 3.02 billion social media users in 2017*¹

2. Facebook - A Well of Opportunity

22% of the worlds population uses facebook*²

3. Business on Facebook

There are 50 million business pages on facebook*²

4. Influence Your Audience

57% of people say social media influences their shopping habits*²

5. High Conversion Rates

26% of those who clicked a facebook ad went on to make a purchase*²

6. Google Ads Drive Results

Google ad results get 65% of clicks compared to organic traffic*²

7. Gain the Advantage

Google ad visitors are 50% more likely to purchase*²

8. Eyes on Your Brand

Google search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%*³

9. Do You Appear?

There are 160 billion monthly google searches*³

10. Consumers Love Video

Consumers are 27 times more likely to click on a video ad*²

So after all that information, you must be motivated to start leveraging these benefits for your business. Whether you're already doing bits and pieces, or if you have no social media presence whatsoever - why not you give us a call?

Our social media team will be happy to assess your current strategies or suggest a strategy to be put in place for your business harness the power of social media.

For a free social media strategy call, head over to our contact page and leave us your details.

Alternatively feel free to email, and I'd be happy to chat over email.

February 25, 2019