QEM Solutions
Release Date:
August 12, 2019
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Use TrustMore blockchain technology to enable transparent, trustless and real-time data-sharing across multiple organisations.


QEM Solutions approached us to bring their blockchain product to market. GND created an end-to-end integrated digital strategy, starting with a strong brand identity and the concept of 'TrustMore'. Other services provided were to build a beautiful website from scratch, create an outstanding digital marketing strategy and create engaging content to fill this.

"The GND team completely brought our product to life, designing TrustMore from the ground up. We're incredibly happy with the results so far, especially the strong identity and brilliant website."

Our Strategy

GND spent many intense workshop sessions crafting the perfect brand to enable us to communicate the benefits of blockchain technology to a wide audience. Following the creation of TrustMore the brand, the name was brought to life with an outstanding logo, website and illustrations. The TrustMore website was launched alongside a digital campaign and physical launch event.

The results

TrustMore is launched into the marketplace and is already generating significant interest from companies interested in integrating blockchain into existing enterprise systems.  More information on TrustMore can be found at

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