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Clinical Communication™

Clinical Communication™
Release Date:
February 25, 2019
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Clinical Communication™

Controlled and managed one-way social media posts for GP Surgeries


GND was tasked with creating a beautiful new website with outstanding functionality for Clinical Communication™. Following the design of the website, GND would create and manage a unique system for social media post management in the healthcare sector.

"Clinical Communication™ is a social media content management service that takes care of this workload with strict controls in place to remove the risks of social media for GP practices. We believe this to be genuinely innovative and could be a game changer for the healthcare sector."

Our Strategy

We used brand discovery sessions to understand exactly how the Clinical Communcations™ product would function, and how this subsequently would inform the design of the website. We agreed upon an integrated approach that combined Webflow website design, high-quality visual content, and clever social media advertising campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

The results

We delivered a beautiful Webflow website with incredible functionality. Our social media management has proven to be popular with GP practices, with a number already signed up and participating in the initial roll-out.

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