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The Wedding Video Company

The Wedding Video Company
Release Date:
February 25, 2019
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The Wedding Video Company

The Wedding Video Company deliver superb quality videos with amazing results for every customer. They hand pick the best filmmakers and editors throughout the UK to ensure every video is delivered to high standards.

The Wedding Video Company UK
The Wedding Video Company, based in the UK


The Wedding Video Company approached us to take over their Facebook ad strategy and improve their email marketing. Their goals were to reduce their cost per lead, increase ROI and drive brand awareness.

The Great North Digital team achieved immediate results for our brand through a combination of Facebook ads and email marketing. We've seen a huge uptick in lead generation and subsequent sales. Needless to say, we still work with the team today!

Our Strategy

We utilised Facebook lead generation ads to focus on new customer acquisition, streamlining the process of receiving a video quote for the user. We combined this with intelligent email marketing campaigns that encourage the customer to discover more about The Wedding Video Company offer.

The Results

Over the course of a 30-day campaign for The Wedding Video Company, we;

  • Reduced their cost per lead by 56%,,  and
  • Provided an ROI of 324%
  • Reached over 176k targeted pairs of eyes
  • Added 516 page likes on Facebook.

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