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National Youth Film Academy

National Youth Film Academy
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February 23, 2019
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National Youth Film Academy

The National Youth Film Academy is an organisation created to locate, nurture and promote the talents of Young Actors and Film Makers aged 16–25 years old from around the UK.

National Youth Film Academy / Auditions

The objectives

The National Youth Film Academy gave us full control of their Facebook ad strategy with the goal of increasing awareness of auditions for their upcoming #SetReady courses across the UK. We were tasked with reducing their cost per lead and craft an engaging email marketing campaign for potential students.

"We approached Great North Digital to take over management of our Facebook ads. Within 2 weeks they had increased our sales by 25%. Couldn't be happier with the results!"

The strategy

After a meeting to gauge their brand tone and voice, we dove right in to their Facebook campaigns to assess what they were doing right, and where we could implement changes for significant performance increase.

The results

Very soon after setting our brand new Facebook campaigns and email marketing flow live we saw an immediate uptick of just over 25% in audition sales and a reduced cost per lead.

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