Why using digital marketing is a no-brainer

February 25, 2019

It's a digital marketing world (and we're just living in it)

We live in a digital age where consumers are increasingly influenced by what they see and hear online. If you are a business and not creating digital content to push out then you are missing out on a huge opportunity for increased brand awareness and customer engagement. Fear not though, as it is never too late to enter the digital space.

Social and search engine traffic. Why use them?

Social and search engine marketing is massive opportunity for reaching your ideal target audience. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Google offer incredibly powerful audience targeting tools so that you can get the most out of your advertising budget. No more wasting money by targeting individuals who never had any shred of interest in your product to begin with.

Digital marketing compared to traditional printed marketing

You get 1000 business leaflets printed and sent across a certain area or postal code. You may get a small percentage of business from these leaflets covering the cost of distribution and manufacturing then you are happy because you’ve gained a positive ROI (return on investment). The issue with this is you waste time and money to contact individuals that will have no interest buying your products or service and it goes straight in the bin.

Digital can change that. Lets say you spent the exact same money on paid social media advertising and you can reach the same amount of people. First off, the 1000 individuals will all have an interest in your product or service because the detailed audience targeting knows who will be your ideal customer and who will want your product or service.

What does this equal?

Better use of advertising spend, better return on investment, better brand awareness, better lead generation.

So why not do it?

Take action now before your competitor starts and gets ahead of you. Put an effective digital marketing strategy in place that drives new sales for your business.

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February 25, 2019