How to Sell Your Products or Service Directly on Instagram

March 3, 2019

Start crushing your Instagram game and sell your products or service directly from your Instagram feed. Yes, that's right! The clever bunch over at Facebook and Instagram have introduced Instagram Shoppable content.

Instagram Shoppable posts

These type of posts be identified by the little shopping bag icon tagged onto a photo upload. Scrolling through your favourite feeds, you will see a "Tap to View" in the bottom left corner or a small white circle with a shopping bag picture.

User-friendly Instagram

Never before have Instagram implemented such a user-friendly sales optimised feature, so this is definitely a function you should be taking advantage of!

Whether you're selling clothing, or even digital products. As long as the products on your website have been linked to your Instagram account you can begin tagging your products on your posts and start optimising your Instagram sales game.

Accelerate your sales

Would you like for us to implement this feature for you? This is included, as well as a full suite of services to help accelerate your social media & sales growth. Head over to social media packages to check them out, or hit us up via email or on our socials.

March 3, 2019